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The VersaReel® Blue motorized cable reel is an innovative, remote-controlled reel that provides a new way to manage wall or ceiling mounted drop-cables.  You can payout and retract the cable without ever having to leave the ground!


Traditional spring-driven cable reels, mounted on ceilings or high on walls, require a ladder or aerial lift to retrieve the cable end. This is a dangerous and time-consuming maneuver since the user cannot extend or retract the cable fully back into the reel from the ground.  The only option is to leave cables dangling, which is unsightly as well as a safety hazard.


The VersaReel Blue uses Bluetooth® technology and your smartphone to control a motorized reel from the ground. It completely eliminates the need to manually retrieve the cable end which decreases downtime and increases safety.


Just download the app to your iPhone or Android smartphone, and you can operate the reel wirelessly from a distance of up to 100 ft.  Up to 10 different VersaReel Blue reels can be operated from a single app, with one reel operated at a time.


The VersaReel® Blue quick-mount base eliminates the need for the installer to support the weight of the reel while attempting to secure in place.


The VersaReel® Blue is proudly made in the USA. 


** Note: BlueTooth® is a registered trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG, of which Conductix-Wampfler is a member. VersaReel is officially listed as an approved BlueTooth device.