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ENDO Chain Air Hoist Features:
• Ideal for frequent hoist operation: No heat build-up, making it possible to operate the hoist continuously without a cool-down period.
• High load capacities: Available from 132 lb (60kg) to 6 tons with a variety of options.
• Handles longer lift heights: Approximately 57% longer lift height than EHW-60/EHW-120 or EHW-60R/EHW120R wire rope hoists. Many models can accept a longer chain with an optional larger basket.
• More headroom with the AT-60K or AT-125K: Smaller, more compact than the EHW rope series.
• Safety features: AT-60K and AT-125K have factory installed lift and lower limit switch. Selected EHL models offer optional overload protection.
• Chain life: Chains last longer than wire rope. For example, the AT-60K or AT-125K will run 70,000 cycles before the chain needs to be replaced, versus 1500 cycles for wire rope.
• All ENDO chains are surface hardened load chain with T, Grade 8