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 Air hoists are ideal for applications where:
• Accurate work placement is needed: Air hoists allow for continuously variable speed control for precise positioning.
• Continuous operation is needed: Air hoists are self-cooling during operation; the “run-time” and “number of starts” are unlimited.
• A delicate load must be lifted: Continuously variable air speed controls eliminate rough stops and starts.
• The work area contains hazardous fumes: Air hoists reduce the chance of electrical arcing hazards from an elecric motor.
When selecting air hoists:
• Size the air hoist based on load and lifting length requirements.
ENDO Air Hoist Features:
• Easy Handling: Due to the small, compact, but powerful hoist bodies.
• Improved working efficiency: Especially with repeat lift jobs, since ENDO hoists are high speed don't overheat.
• Ability to do precise work: Such as fixture setting, due to smooth, continuous operation. ENDO air hoist use continuously variable speed controls. Operation depends on the degree of force used on the push buttons or the amount of pull applied to the control rope. This controls the amount of air allowed into the hoist motor. 
• Easy installation: The air hoist is ready to work as soon as you connect the air hose. No adjustment necessary. Always make sure that you have air flowing before you connect the hoist to avoid any problems with the control valve. (Check operations manual for filter, lubrication, and installation requirements.)
• Indoor Use Only: Ambient temperature range from 140 F to 1220 F (-100C to 500C)