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ENDO Spring Balancers by Conductix-Wampfler are a valuable addition to your assembly line. They support heavy tools with cable tension equal to the weight of the suspended tools, which makes them seem virtually "weightless". As the tool is repositioned the balancer extends or retracts the support cable to follow the tool's movements. Constant tension on the cable is accomplished with a spring motor and a tapered drum. The assembler has the flexibility to reposition the tool, while experiencing comfortable operation and less fatigue. Similar to a balancer is the retractor, which does not have a tapered drum. The tension on the cable increases as the cable is extended.

Advantages of Using an ENDO Spring Balancer:
• Suspend tools in assembly lines or other work areas.
• Help the assembler with repetitive tasks such as installing fasteners: screws, nuts, bolts, etc.
• Hold fixtures, tools, welding guns, and similar equipment.
• Improves efficiency and diminishes worker fatigue.
• Stabilizes tool positioning and contributes to work accuracy.
• Contributes to a safer working environment.
• Keeps fixtures, tools, and welding guns off of the floor and clean.
• Eliminates the need to separately power the balancer.
We carry balancers for Many Special Applications: