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Conductix-Wampfler is the leading supplier of conductor bar and conductor rails worldwide. Since 1952, we have pioneered conductor bar technology. Since then, we have consistently set new standards for bar systems that are reliable and safe to operate in all kinds of environments.

Safe-Lec 2: The ideal solution for the most common overhead factory crane needs. Handles speeds up to 1200 feet per minute and is offered in capacities from 100 to 400 amps.

Hevi-Bar II: The robust "put it up once and forget it" high-capacity system for large process cranes and other demanding applications.  Handles up to 1500 amps and beyond.

8-Bar: The defacto standard in crane electrification since 1952 and offered as a legacy system for the thousands of companies that have this product already installed in their facilities.

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