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Jay Radios


In a world where mobility is an ever growing challenge, both for humans and machines, remote controls offer a safe way of operating or monitoring machines from a distance. JAY line of remote controls from Conductix-Wampfler provides safety radio communications to ensure the mobility of humans and industrial equipment in safe and efficient conditions even in the harshest environments. Whether on overhead cranes, on industrial vehicles, in automated warehouses, for factory automation, for railway renovation – people rely on JAY radio remote controls.


The Jay Radio Advanced line features:


 • Screen Display Readout - The integrated screen gives users a complete system overview in real-time.

• SIL3/PLe Emergency Stop - Guarantees immediate system shut down during any emergency situation.

• Unique ID Code - T he ID code ensures that radios on the same frequency do not interfere with each other. When the receiver sees a packet of information coming in, it checks to see if the transmission has the correct ID code before allowing the command through.

• Access Limitations - Access rights can be set at many different levels to ensure that only those that are trained and approved to operate and modify the system can.


Jay Radio Reference Material


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