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60 Series Pendant, 2-button with up-down legend

60 Series Pendant, 2-button with up-down legend

As options, Conductix-Wampfler can preassemble and/or prewire the pendant for you. Prewiring can be done if you order the pendant cable from us.
Preassembly:  If you want us to assemble your custom pendant for you, please retrieve and print the sheet from HERE, fill it out with the switch locations, then scan and fax the sheet to 800-780-8329.

Prewiring:  If you also want us to prewire the pendant, we will require a drawing that shows us the details on the pendant cable and how you want the pendant to be wired. Scan and fax the drawing to 800-780-8329.

If you need assistance, contact Conductix-Wampfler at 800-521-4888. We would be glad to help you.