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The 1400 Series Cable Reels in this section are sized to handle "stretch" applications, given the cable size indicated. Click the icons below to view available cable lengths.


A "stretch" application occurs whenever the extended cable between the spring-driven reel and the mobile device that is being powered is "stretched" unsupported in the air.  The reel can be either stationary or moving.  In a stretch application, the ratchet is locked out, which provides constant tension on the cable.  Cables in this application should be secured to the reel and the powered device with a "cable grip" - sometimes called a "Kellems Grip".  Click Here to view the cable grips.


Cable length listed is actual length. Be sure to order enough cable.  For recommendations, see “Cable Length Needed” page on the Cable Reels Specification Data Sheet. Here you will find all of the factors you should consider when choosing the correct reel.