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These 1200 Series PowerReels comes with a factory installed receptacle box as noted in the description and Ground-Fault Indicator (GFI) on the feeder cord.  Boxes are yellow, heavy-duty molded TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and are oil resistant and impervious to most chemicals.  Includes internal cord grip.  Reels include six-foot feeder cable with GFI molded plug.  

UL Listed - rated NEMA 2 for indoor use.

Dual 15 amp, 125 volt duplex outlet (four outlets total) is factory installed on 14/3 cable.  Dual 20 amp, 125 volt duplex outlet (four outlets total) is factory installed on 12/3 cable.
UL and CSA Listed
Cable length listed is actual length. Be sure to order enough cable.  For recommendations, see “Cable Length Needed” page on the Cable Reels Specification Data Sheet. Here you will find all of the factors you should consider when choosing the correct reel.