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Spring Torque Reel w/ Lock, 5KG, 4M

Spring Torque Reel w/ Lock, 5KG, 4M

 ER Series Torque Reel - WITH Ratchet

ENDO ER Series Torque Reels are light-weight and compact. The long cable travel makes them suitable for hanging push button pendant stations and similar devices. Cylindrical drum prevents cable jamming.

• Cable diameter: 0.09 in. (2.38 mm)
• Cast aluminum case
• Available with ratchet lock mechanism (ER-A), or without (ER-B)

Specs on XA-ER-10A:
Max Capacity: 11.9LB (5.0KG)
Active Cable Travel: 13.12FT (4.0M)
Spring Turns: 13
Weight: 9.92LB (4.50KG)